This is Part 2 of Chapter 1 of the novel “The Evil Within”, if you haven’t read Part 1 go to The Evil Within – Chapter 1 Part1 , please enjoy.


John stared at the wooden ceiling of Olivia’s bedroom as he tried to recover from their previous lovemaking session. He was exhausted but satisfied, Olivia was good. She had her head resting on his chest and she seemed happy as well. John’s heavy breathing rocked her naked body up and down as he looked into her beautiful eyes. She gave him that look again – that puppy look, when her eyes became so big, they looked like sparkly tennis balls. She looked in love.

John looked away, stared at the television, which was right in front of the bed and realised that his breathing began to slow down again. Olivia said nothing and for a while the only noise you could hear in the room had been their breathing. But John felt that she was still looking at him.

“The Grizzlies are playing tonight, you gonna watch?”, he asked casually. He knew that she was a Grizzlies fan, as  they had watched the games together before. She sighed.

“Is that all you got to say?”, she asked, slightly disappointed. What more was he supposed to say? Good fuck again, when can we do it again? John wasn’t really into pillowtalk, especially not with a woman who wasn’t his wife. John and Agnes usually talked a lot in bed, about their day, about the kids, about work, about everything (expect the fact that he had an affair, of course). John felt that kind of talk was only acceptable with his wife. Olivia had a different opinion about that, unfortunately. She would often talk about her day and tell him about her kid, their kid. How he was doing in school, who his friends were, what his hobbies were. John didn’t want to hear anything about that, not because he didn’t care about the boy, but because he wanted to keep a distance from them. Not get too attached to them, because he knew he couldn’t be with them.

“You were great today”, he told her, not looking at her.

“You know, there are corpses with more emotion than you!”, she replied, angry. She rolled up on him and sat on his stomach. He looked at her. Her eyes, which had been filled with love and admiration a second ago, were now full of disappointment. The spark in her eyes was gone and now he was looking into two deep, dark black holes that were judging him.

“Do you love me?”, she asked him. He tried to look away, look for a way out, but there wasn’t one. He couldn’t tell her the truth, that’s all he knew.

“You know I’m married”

“And yet you’ve fucked me more in the last month than you fucked your wife in an entire year. Am I nothing than a fuckbuddy for you?” She wasn’t, she was the father of his son, and he had feelings for her,  but he wasn’t sure if it was love or plain desire. He still loved his wife and family after all.

“I thought we had agreed to that” They had years ago, but over the years, Olivia must have fallen in love with him. Love made everything more complicated, he had figured out.

“We did, but I know that’s not what we both want. You told me you loved me after all.” She stopped and studied him for a short while. “Or was that a lie” She was dead serious.

And it hadn’t been a lie, just a mistake he had made a month ago. They hadn’t seen each other in a month because her husband had taken them on vacation to Spain, and after a month of chastity, he must have overreacted a bit. He had told her he loved her multiple times over the years, and he had meant it, but it just wasn’t possible for them. The village would shun them for sure.

“I don’t know”, he almost began to sound desperate. He looked at her, a mix of guilt and shame on his face.

“I know you love me, remember that night, when we held each other all night, in the barn. When you asked me to leave Kevin for you?” The astonishing thing about Olivia was the way she said those words, she sounded controlled and rational, not madly in love as other women might have in her situation.

“It was a mistake, you know we can’t be together.” John regretted the barn with all his heart and soul. It had been one of his happier memories, but he had been foolish. It had been a few years ago, he had a fight with Agnes and had run to Olivia, who had consoled him all night in the Johnson barn. They had nowhere else to go as Olivias husband had been home. He really wanted to be with Olivia sometimes, when his desire had overrun him. But it wasn’t what a good christian would do. He still had feelings for his wife after all and he enjoyed their talks, he enjoyed being  with his family, but he had to acknowledge that they had begun to live separate lives. They knew each other too well, the excitement had been gone. Their chemistry had been off too and they would argue a lot, sometimes over the most trivial things. He never had these problems with Olivia, she was still exciting, and even though they almost had a ten-year affair, he still learned a lot about her every time he was with her. But he was also aware that the grass might not be greener on Olivias side. Agnes and John had been together for twenty years and had been through a lot, Olivia and John had never went through so much. And John still had hope that Agnes might change when the kids were in kindergarten. She would have more time to work, didn’t have to look for the kids all day and she might be interested in sex again. He knew, he couldn’t give up twenty years of hard-earned marriage and a happy family for Olivia.

But she wouldn’t want to hear that.

“What’s the big deal, I leave Kevin, a few months after that you leave Agnes, we can be together and be happy.” She must have thought out that plan for a while.

“Don’t you think the people will figure things out”

“Fuck the people, if someone asks we can tell them that we fell in love while comforting us after our breakups. Who even cares what people think, John?”

“Barry’s a small town, Liv. People talk” He was afraid people would find out, might call him an adulterer. What would the church say about this? How would his boss react? Policemen were supposed to be role models, cops had been fired for offenses like these before. She didn’t seem to realise that, or she simply did not care.

“So you want to live out your life unhappy? So we both should just stay with the idiots we call our significant others? I can’t do that anymore, John! I’m tired of living a lie!”

John sighed, sometimes he wished he could stop lying to his family too. Sometimes he dreamed how he would be a dad for Timmy. But he couldn’t. He didn’t want his daughters to grow up without a father, he wanted to be a good dad, be a role model for them, unlike his own dad.

“I can’t leave my family. I don’t want to put my daughters through that” That made her really angry. She pressed her entire weight on his stomach and he had trouble breathing now.

“It’s always about you, isn’t it? You don’t care about anyone else than Detective John Neal. When John Neal can’t fuck his wife he goes over to dumb Olivia and she fucks him like a cheap whore! Do you even care what our affair means for me? Do you even know why I keep letting you in?” That one hit home, he didn’t realise how selfish his acts truly had been, he thought they had agreed to do that and that she had no problem with it after all. Her marriage wasn’t too happy either, so they seemed like a good fit to be fuck buddies. Olivia had met Kevin thirteen years ago, both had been seniors in High School and they had been dating until she had finished college. They had gotten married the month after her graduation and Kevin had wanted kids ever since. Kevin, a family man, the son of a farmer with eight kids himself, was a traditionalist. He cared about the basic central american values: good job, good wife, good christian, kids. But he didn’t seem to be able to produce children, as they had tried a lot, but Olivia wouldn’t get pregnant. Coming from a family with eight kids, he had blamed Olivia for it and had become very angry at her. Olivia once told him that he had sometimes threatened to beat her because of it. But as it had turned out, it was Kevin who could not have kids, as Olivia had become pregnant with John’s baby and it had softened Kevin’s mood. He usually wasn’t home a lot and Olivia seemed to enjoy that, when he was home, he mostly cared about lying on the couch, relaxing and watching television. He said he needed it to recover from his busy workweek, where he spent most of his time in Memphis. If John and Agnes were living separate lives, Olivia and Kevin were world’s apart. While they still had sex sometimes, at least that’s what Olivia had told him, it never seemed to excite or satisfy her. She was ambitious, still young and he was lazy tired.

“Why don’t you leave him then? If you don’t like Kevin, just take Timmy and leave. It’s not like you couldn’t support yourself…” Olivia looked at him, it didn’t convince her.

“I am gonna divorce him for sure, but I also want Timmy to grow up with a dad, with his real dad” There was a glimpse of hope in eyes, but John couldn’t let that happen. It would destroy everything.

“I can’t”, the words came out like hot, slimy oil. It almost broke his heart to tell her. He looked at her, feeling sorry and watched as her face went from angry to disappointed. There was almost a tear in her eyes, but he could tell she was fighting to hold it back. She got up from his stomach and jumped from the bed and began to dress herself. He caught one last glimpse of her tones bottom as she put on her panties and her bra.

“Get out then, that’s what you do best, anyway!”, he could feel the sadness in her voice and he decided to do as she had said and got up and dressed himself. “But don’t ever expect to do me again!” There was anger in tone, as she looked at him, still fighting back the tears, but some had come through. John wanted to console her, wanted to take her into his arms, tell her it would all be alright, that they’d have a future together, but it was impossible. So he looked away, ashamed of himself and put on his shirt and pants. When he was finished he went to the door and headed for the staircase to leave. She watched leave, he felt her look from behind, making him even more miserable.

“Don’t you ever come back!”, she said as he left the house, but he couldn’t tell if she had been talking to herself or not. John tried to put his emotions away as best as he could, in case some of the villagers were looking. No need for them to see his pain. He walked back to his car, luckily no one was on the street at the moment, even the weirdo from next door had stopped his sword fighting and had gone back into his house.

As John was walking towards his car the sadness slowly turned into anger. He was angry at Olivia, for not playing along the way they had agreed, but mostly he was angry at himself. Did he really need to fuck that up? Was is necessary for him piss off the woman who made him feel good? He felt so useless, but tried to keep it all in. Let nobody see your pain, John. Never show weakness – the words of his father. He tried to keep a straight face but it only made him angrier. When he finally arrived at his car, he entered and started to yell at the car for a while. He started hitting the steering wheel, sometimes causing it to honk, but he continued to let it all out. It felt good.

After minutes of emotional outbursts, he had calmed down. He sank into his seat and began to breathe slowly. He was still angry, but he was also exhausted. He couldn’t go home in that mood, his feelings might betray him. So he started his engine and drove around aimlessly. He drove through Barry, turned right at the church and drove down the country roads, turned on the radio on max speed and just drove.

It soothed him, looking at the fields, which were now beginning to turn dark as the sun began to go down. It was so calm here, so peaceful. Sometimes deer or a bunny would cross the road from one field to another. There were no problems out here, no women, no family, no annoying coworkers – just the countryside. Oh, how he would love to stay in these fields forever. Just him and the wilderness – eternal freedom…

But his family was calling – and dinner time. The kids were back from bible lessons and Agnes would have cooked dinner, so he had to get back. He got one final look at the wheat fields and got back in his car and drove back to Barry.

When he entered Barry he saw his neighbour James Gillsworth leaving the house of Ms Meinheimer, an elderly lady who he helped out with her computer. James was an excellent hacker, capable of hacking pretty much everything. Unfortunately, he had used his gift for the wrong purposes as he had hacked his school to forge his grades, had hacked into the police office to wipe out his criminal record and had been arrested for drug possession in the past. He had served his jail time as a teenager and now, a twentytwo-year old, he works at the library in Arlington and helps the senior citizens with computer issues. He was a good kid, just needed some direction. He lived on the house opposite John’s with his parents, who have a small shop in Memphis, selling flowers. They usually don’t spent much time at home and are only seen during service on Sundays. They didn’t have a lot of money, so they couldn’t afford to sent James to college, something he hadn’t taken too well, John assumed. When James saw John, he looked a bit worried. He always had that worried look around him, very likely because John had arrested him once. John stopped the car and pulled his window down and smiled at James.

“Want a ride?”, he asked him. James, a short boy, around 5’7, very skinny,  slight hunchback, unkempt hair and some patches of outgrown beard in his face made him look more like a homeless person than a young man. He was wearing a cheap, and slightly dirty green jacket and black pants. He seemed unwilling at first, but then seemed to decide that John was harmless and got in the car.

“Thanks, man”, he told him, his voice deeper than you would expect from a guy his size.

“No problem, James. You been helping Ms Meinheimer out again?” James nodded.

“Yeah, she had an issue with her internet router, fixed it in a few minutes, but you know Gisela, she had to keep telling me her entire life story.” John laughed, a common problem with elderly. They would always tell you about everything that had ever happened in their life. John had to deal with that too, whenever he made his visits.

“Did she tell you about the goose story?” The goose story had been one of Ms Meinheimers favorites. Apparently, back when she had been little, they had slaughtered geese for dinner, but one of the geese had continued to scream, even while dead and they hadn’t touched any of them because they had feared they were infested by satan.

“Only twice today”, James smiled. They arrived in his driveway and John parked the car. They both got out.

“Thanks for the ride, Detective”, James said as he went back to his house.

“You’re welcome”, John replied as he got to his own house. The lights were already on, dinner was ready.



Finally home, James Gillsworth had thought when he entered his house. He had to spend most of his day listening to Gisela’s boring stories, which she had told him every time he had to fix her computer. He had heard them so many times now, he could tell them by heart. And it was the same with every elderly person he helped with their computers. Usually five minutes of solving the issue and three hours of listening to their stories. It was extremely boring, but they did pay him a few dollars for it and most importantly, they usually made him coffee and cake. That alone made it worth it, so that he didn’t have to come home on an empty stomach. His parents wouldn’t come home till late in the evening and had already eaten at work, so he had to prepare his own meals. He wasn’t much of a chef, as his signature dish was putting pizza in the oven. He had tried to cook once, out of pure boredom, but he had messed up somehow and his burger had been burnt on the outside, but was still raw in the middle. He had given up cooking after that and had mostly resorted to microwave and oven meals, or sometimes he just had it ordered. It was a lot quicker and easier than to actually prepare it himself. The only times he went to the stove now was when he had the munchies, which happened quite a lot during a month.

He usually smoked weed every second day, usually in the evening to relax and calm  his mind. He would smoke it every day if he could, but he had to be selective with his money, as neither he nor his parents had much of it. His parents had been running a flower shop in Memphis, which brought in barely enough money to make a living. They originally had wanted to live in Memphis, but they had not been able to afford the rent there, so they had moved to the country side, where the rent had been way cheaper. That had also meant that they had to drive to Memphis everyday, so they were never home for long. They would leave at around six in the morning and return at around eight at night, monday through saturday. They were hard-working people and loved what they were doing – unlike their son. James was the black sheep of the family – arrested three times, once at sixteen for trying to manipulate his grades, once at seventeen for hacking his criminal record and once at eighteen for drug possession and drug dealing. He had served five months in jail for the latter and he could have served a lot more if Detective Neal hadn’t turned a blind eye on his previous arrests.

He had known Detective Neal since they had moved to Barry at age ten, he was a hard-working policeman that seemed to care a lot about this community. He would also invite his neighbours and colleagues to barbecues during summer – while he wasn’t a masterchef at the grill – his steaks were usually very dry, his wife made up for it with some of the most delicious salads on earth: She made noodle salad and potato salads – recipes she had picked up in Europe during her time as an exchange student. Especially the noodle salad was delicious – very simple with only noodles, peas, carrots and sausage but it tasted incredibly flavorful . The Neal barbecues were usually one of the highlights of the year in Barry. Unfortunately, because of Ms Neals pregnancy and their two baby daughters, the barbecues hadn’t taken place in almost over a year. James really hoped they would start them again once the kids were old enough for kindergarten, as he really enjoyed them and had been grateful to be invited. Even after his arrests, John had still invited him over and had treated him nicely. James assumed he had a soft spot for him because he had seen him grow up and remembered the little boy with the game boy who had played in his backyard.

There just wasn’t a whole lot of that person left. The James Gillsworth that existed now was a former felon, who made a living working in a library – a minimum wage job, but he had been lucky to even get it – not many people had a job for a highschool dropout with his criminal record. It paid him enough to provide for food and video equipment – he had opened a youtube channel out of boredom, where he filmed himself playing video games – but with that job alone, he couldn’t afford his beloved weed, so he had offered to help people in Barry with IT-issues, in exchange for some money of course. They people had gladly accepted and he had his regular customers, mostly elders who had wanted to get into the computer world for the first time in their life. While it wasn’t the easiest task to show them – they were slow to understand and had a tendency to forget things quickly – it still made him kinda happy. He was doing something with his life, at last.

He had always wanted to achieve something in his life, but even though he was very intelligent and could hack into most things with ease, the most paths in his life had been blocked by one thing: his lack of money. While he was one of the premier students, at least in math and science (he was a total failure in english and history, mostly because he only cared about science) and had wanted to go to college after graduation, but there had been no way his parents could have afforded to sent him off to college. He had tried to get a scholarship, but his jekyll and hyde-like grades (A in Science, F in history) had  made that impossible as well. Frustrated and angry he had turned to drugs to cope with his shortcomings. How was he supposed to do what he wants to do, if he couldn’t go to college. Nearly all IT-jobs had required a bachelor’s degree and without one, he would have never even been considered for a job. He knew he was stuck in some mediocre job and he had hated the prospect of it. Forever in a job that he hated, not doing the things he liked. The only thing that had calmed him during that time had been marijuana. When he smoked weed – nothing mattered anymore – there were no problems, no dead-end jobs, no worries – just peace of mind.

But that had also been the beginning of his downfall – since he had known he couldn’t go to college, he had decided to fuck it all, had dropped out of school and had smoked weed all day. Whenever he had not been able to afford it, he had hacked into someones bank account and had taken his money. That’s when he had become foolish, he probably would have never been caught if he hadn’t hacked into his school and changed his grades, someone must have noticed, and there he had been – his first arrest at age sixteen. While he had not served time for it, he now had a criminal record, and it had hurt his chances of getting a job. He had applied to work as a waiter and to work in construction, but no one had wanted the skinny hacker.

It had taken him months to get that job at the library, mainly because he knew the librarian very well, an old man in his late eighties called Mr Fuji. He had been a kind-hearted man who had seen the good in James and had decided to give him a shot. James had been very grateful for that opportunity and he appreciated it greatly, but sometimes he wondered how his life could have been, if things had gone in a different direction. If he had been born into a wealthy family, if he had gone to college, had gotten a good job…

Those thoughts depressed him and the only way to get rid of them had been weed. At first he had his local dealer in Arlington, but he had gotten arrested a few months after James had been making deals with him. Now, without a supplier he had turned to a new supplier, a global one – the dark web, or deep web, however you want to call it.

James wasn’t really a fan of going to the deep web, as he had become weary of illegal businesses after his incarceration, but it was the only place he could get weed safely. He never spent more time than usual on the dark web, just enough to order his goodies and then leave. He feared the idea of being watched by the FBI and possibly arrested again – he never wanted to go back to the Federal Correctional Institute in Memphis.

He sometimes had nightmares about his time there, the cold dark fortress that they had put him in, away his from family, amongst real criminals. These people there, they hadn’t been here for hacking or pirating movies – they had been captured for rape, arson and worse. He had been just a skinny boy amongst men, scary men.

While the horror stories about rape in the showers had not affected him personally, he had witnessed some people get raped there. It had been the worst moment of his life. He had tried to leave the room, but that would have brought attention to him and that would have been against his plan – keep a low profile and people will ignore you (It had mostly worked) – so he had to stay and watch as the new inmate, a short, but muscular latino with long hair had been taken by three men, all much taller than him and had been violated. He hadn’t stood a chance and James had to watch in horror as tears had crossed the man’s cheeks as he had tried to make it through it. James had never found out what had become of the mexican, as he had been released a week later, but sometimes he had nightmares about him – seeing the tiny man hung in his cell… maybe it was the truth he had seen?

James walked up the stairs and went up to his room. He would be alone for a while now, so he had some time to smoke a blunt or two. He closed the door as he went in and checked his secret weed box, which he kept hidden under the bed. There wasn’t much left, two or three smokes maybe and he had to order again. He sighed, he had some money left, so he could afford it at the moment, but it also meant going to the deep web again.

He should probably order now, or maybe he would forget it later, so he turned on his pc, went online and checked for his trusted dealing site. It was basically like ebay, just with drugs. The guy he usually sold it from, a dude with the username Dr.LECTER_666, was very reliable and had good weed for a very affordable price. He placed his order, checked that he indeed had ordered and closed the tab quickly. Now it was finally time to enjoy his weed, he thought as he went back to his weed box and took out a lighter.


After dinner had been finished it was finally time for Ted to check back on Sabine. It was dark outside now, almost 9pm. His mother would be downstairs, preparing tomorrows school lessons and then going to sleep and dad would watch television before retiring at around 10. No one would check in on him so he could safely watch Sabine for a few hours, maybe even explore some other sites too, Dr.LECTER_666 had sent him a link to a website, which he claimed would be intriguing for Ted. But before that, it was Sabine time! He clicked on her facecam and checked her room. She wasn’t in the frame, but the light in her room was on, so she was home. Maybe she would get ready to go on a date or go out to party… Ted observed the room, it was tidy as always, but the bed wasn’t made, it almost looked as if she had gotten up a few minutes before. Had she slept before? It was too early for bedtime and she had not looked sick before, so why had she been in bed? Maybe her boyfriend had been over and they have had some alone time together?

Ted was eager to find out and after a little while Sabine appeared in frame. She was wearing comfy blue pyjamas and wore her hair open, it looked unkempt from lying in bed. She wasn’t wearing her glasses and, now that Ted could look into her face he realised that she was crying. She threw herself into the bed and pulled the blanket up to her chin. She was weeping as she pulled out her phone and began reading something on it, it seemed to calm her. Why was she crying? Had someone died? It must have been something that had happened during the last two hours, as she had been fine earlier. Seeing her cry made his stomach turn, he couldn’t bear to look at her like that. He wanted to comfort her, wanted to help her through it, but how? Turn up at her apartment and try to help her even though he never met her? Hi, I’m here to help you, how do I know? Well, your webcam has been hacked and I’ve been watching you for a while now… No, he couldn’t do that.

He continued to watch as she continued to stare at her phone miserably. She got up after a few minutes to turn on some music, country definitely, sounded like Taylor Swift… probably her earlier work. She got back into bed, leaned back and continued to let her emotions out, tears were falling left and right, but he felt that she was still holding back. She looked angry, as if she just wanted to scream out loud, but she held back, probably not to disturb her roommate, the fat one. Ted had seen her once or twice, cleaning the room. She was tall and big, with arms bigger than Teds thighs. She wasn’t particularly ugly, but she wasn’t pretty either. Her face was very round and her lips were really big, but still, the rest of her face had been very average.

Sabine now resorted into the fetal position, weeping while cuddling her pillow. She seemed to hold it so tight, if it were human,it’d be choking right now.

A door opened and Sabine looked up, no reaction on her face. Ted couldn’t see who it was yet, but he would find out soon. He saw the fat one enter the frame. He could only see her backside as she was facing Sabine.

“What happened, sweetie”, he heard her say in her deep, manly voice. She sounded concerned.

“He left me for some stupid bitch!”, Sabine weeped at her. So her boyfriend had been the cause for all this… What a dick! How could he betray someone as nice as Sabine? Ted would have never done that…

He saw the fat one go over to Sabines bed and hugged her tightly. Ted imagined it must be hurting Sabine, but it seemed to calm her down. She was resting in her arms, still crying, but now she seemed to be able to let it all out. It would all be alright, he assumed. He felt relieved that Sabine had someone to help her grieve, but deep down he felt jealous of the fat one – if only he could switch places with her, he would be so much better than her. More loving, more helpful….

It began to anger him a bit and he realised that he had lost interest in watching for today, so he decided to check out the link from Dr.LECTER_666. He usually showed him interesting sites, he once showed him a hitman-for-hire site and a site for illegal guns. The excitement began to grow in Ted, maybe it would be something really weird, maybe he would show him some secret FBI investigations, maybe aliens….

He clicked on the link and the page began to load. The page was pitch-black and the title began to  load slowly. In red letters it began to spell SNUFF BOX. Could it be? Ted had heard of snuff films being on the dark web before but he had never found. Was that really a site where people posted their murders? A video began to load. Ted looked at the title. Plain and simple it said: Caucasian female. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ted was excited to find out if his suspicions were true, but he also felt anxious – if these were real snuff films, how would he react to it? Would he watch it? Would he puke? Would the images traumatize him? Should he tell the police?

The video began. First, there was an old, dirty wooden shed, or maybe a cabin. There was no furniture in the shed and only one window, on the left side of the shed. It looked dark outside and the only form of light in the place was a lightbulb hanging from the ceiling, in the middle of the shed. The door had to be behind the camera as the frame only showed the backend of the place. With the lightbulb illuminating the room, Ted could make out all sorts of weapons and tools hanging on the walls, from hammers to chain saws and even samurai swords, every imaginable murder weapon was hanging on that wall – probably ready to use.

Ted was beginning to feel scared, this seemed to be the real deal. Someone might actually get killed in there – hostel-style! What was he supposed to do? He didn’t want to watch such dark content, but maybe…maybe it was just a sick prank by Dr.LECTER_666…. maybe it was just designed to look like a snuff film – there wasn’t even someone in  the video yet, maybe it’s just a sick joke.

That turned out to be false, however as a body was dropped into the center of the room. Ted could see that it was a woman, maybe in her late twenties. She was very slim, almost anorexic and looked as if she had been starved for a while. She had a bony, skeleton-like face, which had been pretty once, but the starvation had turned her into a ghost. She had pitch-black hair, which reached all the way to her bottom. Her eyes were filled with fear. Her arms and legs had been tied together with rope and she tried to wiggle her way out. She screamed and yelled at the figure that had dropped her onto the floor in a language Ted didn’t know – it sounded russian, but it could have been any eastern european language. She was probably begging for mercy.

Her captor now entered the frame. He was a huge, massive beast of a man – probably 6’4 and way over three-hundred pounds. He was wearing a butcher’s apron and was dressed in a black working suit. His face was covered with a mask which resembled the masks of plague doctors in the medieval times. Long, thin hair was coming out of the back of the mask. He was one terrifying man. He moved around her, while she still desperately tried to escape.

But there was no escape. The big man went to one of the knives on the wall, a kitchen knife, took it and walked towards her, knife in hand, ready to stab. The look made the woman panic and she desperately tried to wiggle away, screaming and shouting at him. He let her wiggle a bit towards the door and then, after she had made it almost out of frame, he walked towards her and drove the knife into her left arm. She screamed in agony and blood began pouring out of the wound. She tried to wiggle further, but the giant took her on his arms and body slammed her back to the center. She yelled, but continued to wiggle. It seemed to please the masked man. He took his knife again and shoved it into her calves. The pain made her stop wiggling and she had stopped. Her yelling now turned into crying. She had realised her fate. She lay still on the floor, blood pouring out of her arm and calves, awaiting her captors next move.

He watched her and then turned back towards his wall of weapons and looked for his next torture device. He went through them, sometimes picking one up, showing it to her and then awaiting her reaction. If she screamed, he would move on. If he didn’t scream he moved towards her with the weapon. After going through the sword, the chainsaw and a pickaxe, he moved over to the hammer and picked it up. He moved towards her and began to swing at her body, hitting her in the thighs and in the back. The woman was completely broken now, she was sobbing and weeping, helplessly awaiting the next blow. He continued to hammer her body untill her entire body was bruised, then he threw the hammer aside and moved towards the pick-axe. He picked it up and positioned himself in front of her feet and with a mighty swing he hit her in the face. Blood was coming out of her skull and she went motionless. She was dead now, but he continued to hit her face with the axe until her face was completely mutilated. Her eyes had fallen out of their sockets, dangling at her jaw, her nose shattered and split in two and her teeth had been smashed it.

Ted wanted to vomit, but it didn’t come out. He had to stop watching, but he was paralysed with fear. He had just witnessed a murder on tape and there had been nothing he could have done to stop it. And worst of all, it wasn’t over yet. After another blow to her face he had enough with the pickaxe, threw it to the ground, took of his apron and showed the disfigured face of the dead woman to the camera. He laughed while doing it and then he dropped it and ripped her clothes off. Oh no, he wouldn’t…. Ted thought, but there was nothing this man wouldn’t do. The murderer began to unzip the zipper on his working pants and took his cock out. No! That was too much! It had to stop! Ted finally began to regain his composure, still in utter shock, but he began to move again and managed to close the tab before he had to witness the last humiliating act of the monster.

Ted was breathing heavily and still could not stop to look at his computer screen, which now only showed his Batman Begins wallpaper. He was shaking and sweating as he tried to recover from what he had just witnessed. After what had felt like eternity, he had calmed down enough to get up and go to bed, but he was sure, he wouldn’t sleep well tonight.


That was Part 2 of Chapter 1 of The Evil Within. Bit more action and things went really dark at the end. Part 3 will be a bit lighter again and we will probably be the last part of chapter 1. If you liked this excerpt give it a like and if you have an idea to improve the story, have noticed an error or think I should add/remove something let me know in the comments.