Winter has finally come! Even though we didn’t see any White Walkers in “Winds of Winter”, we can safely say that shit will definitely hit the fan next season. Endgame is clearly in sight now that Dany is sailing to Westeros, Cersei blew up her enemies, while creating some more and Jon being the new King in the North.

So, what is gonna happen next season? Here are my seven predictions for Season 7. Valar morghulis!

1. Jaime will kill Cersei and join his brother

This one is actually quite obvious: Jaime had to kill the Mad King because he had threatened to burn the city to the ground, Cersei now did just that. And it got her and Jaime’s son killed. Jaime can not be happy and as Cersei is gonna (presumably) turn madder and madder, Jaime will be faced to kill Cersei to protect the people. This would also back the “Valonqar” prophecy from the books.

If you’re not familiar here’s a explainer: Maggy the Frog promised young Cersei that she would have three children (the show included that also) and that “gold shall be their crown, gold shall be their shroud”, meaning they would all die (which ultimately happened), it also mentioned the “Valonqar” (litte brother) that would kill her. At first, it seemed like Tyrion might be said little brother, for obvious reasons, but it could actually be a combination of both Tyrion and Jaime.

Why? because we know that Dany and Tyrion are on their way to King’s Landing with a laaaaaaaaarge army of dick-less blokes, dragons and the Tyrell and Martell army. Cersei on the other hand only has her Lannister soldiers. This shouldn’t be a fair fight and we might be in for a repeat of the sack of King’s Landing, where Dany’s forces would be allowed to sack the city by Jaime.


2.There will be a naval battle between Euron and Dany’s fleet

Euron is destined to become the new Joffrey/Ramsay bad guy and assuming that he manages to build a huuuuge fleet on an island without trees he should meet up with Dany very early on in the season. Why? Well, because he seems to have no real place in the series so far: He intended to sail to Meereen to marry Dany, Dany is not in Meereen anymore. So where else could they meet? On land wouldn’t make much sense, it has been made very clear that Ironborn aren’t the best on land, so I assume that Euron is going to be the first issue Dany will have to face in Westeros. And it will be on the sea. Either Euron will intercept them before Westoros or they will clash very early after her arrival.

3. The Wall will come down

Another very obvious one, as we all know that the Wall will have to fall at some point, mainly because the White Walkers need to become an imminent threat. As long as the wall stands they are just a mysterious, immortal and invincible force that is too stupid to get over.

4. Arya will meet Melisandre and the Brotherhood 

This is nothing groundbreaking, I know, but it would make sense for Arya (who is presumably on her way to Winterfell) and Melisandre (who is on her way south) to meet again, mainly because Melisandre said so when the two met in Season 3. Maybe Melisandre will become a Jorah-type character now, that keeps coming back to Jon, maybe she will get killed by Arya for what she did to Gendry…

And if that doesn’t happen, I expect Arya to run into her old friends Beric and Sandor. Wouldn’t it be great to have them all back together, viciously murdering people? They’re all on the same path anyway, so just let everyone join forces and fight some bad guys!


5.Littlefinger and/or Sansa will die

There is just too much Unity in the North at the moment, luckily Creepyfinger is there to save the day and cause some much needed drama. As we now know he wants to sit on the Iron Throne with Sansa and with Jon being King in the North, that’s not a really possible outcome at the time, so I do expect him to either betray Jon or abandon him and join another cause. Which means that either him, Jon or Sansa (depending how much she hates being overlooked and on how willing she is to betray her family for power) to die during that conflict. And let’s be honest: Jon ain’t going nowhere. He already died once and the show didn’t just reveal his parentage without a reason. So that leaves Littlefinger or Sansa to bite the dust  and my money’s on Littlefinger here.


6.We haven’t seen the last of Daario and Jorah

In the Finale we saw Dany breaking up with Daario and leaving him behind to govern Meereen (which does sound like a death sentence, given the Sons of the Harpy…). So, like Jorah Daario is presumably abandoned and forgotten by the show, but I don’t think that we won’t see him again. It’s just not in Daario’s character to not get what he wants and I do think he will follow Dany to Westeros and maybe he won’t be alone:

Captain Friendzone’s fate needs to be resolved somehow and I hope the show will just leave him out and tell us that he died of the greyscale. Even if he turns into a rock, I still need to know what happened to him and if he returns as a surfboard for Daario to cross the narrow sea, that’s fine. Just bring them back.

7. Gendry will reappear and play the part of a beloved book character

Yeah, guys, Gendry will appear again and in his absence he will have met a certain Jon Connington, who realises who his father is, and they bought the Golden Company together and are now on their way to conquer the seven kingdoms, starting in the Stormlands. You’re welcome 😉