I must be incredibly blessed to start my sports blog with an article about Tim Tebow… or incredibly annoyed about it. Yes, Americas favourite athlete is finally playing in the NFL again. And it appears that his 2 year training with quarterback guru Tom House has finally turned the athlete Tebow into a quarterback. At least he can throw a spiral now (which I assume must be a rare trait in the NFL).

So now, get ready for the Tebowmania 2.0 – ehhh.. or 3.0, 2.1 ?(define that yourself) YEEEEEAAAH!

And Tebowmania started with a burst: I’ve never seen a 4th string quarterback receiving so many cheers, while playing against 3rd and 4th stringers in the final four minutes of a preseason game. He’s just that special. And he actually played well, he went 6-12 for 69 yards and scored a 7 yard rushing TD. He threw some nice darts to his receivers and looked comfortable in the pocket.

Of course he wasn’t flawless as he held on to the football for too long on a few occasions – which resulted in some pretty sacks – and reading blitzes is still something he hasn’t figured out yet, but to his credit, it was his first game in nearly two years and he is learning a new offense, so expecting Tebow to light up the scoreboard (even against 3rd stringers) is a bit over the top. He showed promise and I guess he will build on that, especially if his playing time will extend beyond a quarter (I’m not sure if my twitter feed will survive that though…)

But Tebow still has a long way to go, he’s still 4th on the QB depth chart and Matt Barkley didn’t do anything to change that, going 12-20 for 192 yards and an INT.

The only Eagles QB who actually hurt his stock was the presumed starter Mark Sanchez (yes, I refuse to call Sam Bradford a starter before I see it with my own eyes). He went 2-7 for 53 yards and a TD, even though he will have to thank his receiver for that. All of his throws (even the completions) were so far off aliens could have been hurt by them. So if you take that into account, Tebow might actually have a chance to start at some point if he can beat out Matt Barkley (who doesn’t seem to be in Chip Kelly’s favour anyway and we all know what that means) because A) Sam Bradford is made out of glass and B) Mark Sanchez still suffers from post-NY Jets syndrome, which means that the new and improved Tebow might actually be the best (or only) option for Chip Kelly. Also, there’s C) We all want Tebow to start because he is more exciting than ever broke Bradford and 5INTs all day-Sanchez….

To think about it, Tebow starting in Philly could actually be one of those rare catastrophes that could break the internet. Just imagine the twitter tornado that would occur if he would lead the Eagles to the playoffs. It’d be a Tebownado, a tornado that throws wobbly footballs at his victims and only a team of sub-par actors can stop him now (probably the concept for sharknado 4).

Let’s just hope that never last one never happens and Tebow just will continue to improve and actually learn how to read defenses and people will eventually realize that he is nothing more than a backup and the Tebow hype will stop, while Tebow will be a servicable clipboard preacher and continue to be in the NFL for 5-6 years.